TERRALYT PLUS® Application report

Application report (Safaripark), Germany, 1994

Aachen´s zoological garden, Aachen
Mr. Unterrhein, landscape gardener, Tel. 0241-59385

Some time ago a „safari enclosure“ was installed in the zoological gardens of Aachen. For this operation they used a sloping area with a small pond at the bottom part. In the beginning the earth was completely covered with gravel, but was later on filled to a very high level with pure sand, to minimize the possibility that the animals might hurt themselves. This was the reason, that during the summer the dry sand was blown e.g. into the pond, so that it petered out repeatedly.

They tried repeatedly to grow grass to stop the wind erosion and to support the soil – but this was not successful. The problem was even more grave, as the animals had worn out the soil very much and as it was not possible to water it.

In March 1994 Mr Unterrhein had a mixture of sport and gravel lawn sown out. Directly after the sowing and another time after the seeds were sprouting the soil was sprayed with a TERRALYT PLUS® mixture according to our application instruction. During the autumn, in the spring and afterwards the soil will again be treated with TERRALYT PLUS®, in order to support the development of roots in the lawn. Mr Unterrhein explains that the entire top area of the enclosure is completely covered with a closed green layer of lawn, although –

1.) the lawn grows on pure sand soils
2.) is it not possible to water it
3.) no fertilizers were used
4.) the lawn is heavily worn out by the animals and partly used for feeding

When visiting the enclosure on the 11.11.1994 the sand soil was very wet from rain and much turned up by the animals, so that the development of the roots in the lawn was easily to be seen. At another place, the so-called “turtle meadow” TERRALYT PLUS® was used as well. The soil in this place consists of grown, humus soil, which is now covered with thick lawn.

As no fertilizer or other auxiliaries were used, Mr Unterrhein sees TERRALYT PLUS® as the only reason for the positive development. Interested people from Saudi-Arabia thought the possibility to let lawn grow on pure sand that interesting that they accompanied the visit of the zoological gardens in Aachen in order to inform themselves in a very detailed way about the application of TERRALYT PLUS® and the experiences of Mr. Unterrhein.

Aachen, 11.11.1994

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