Certificat of analysis

We confirm herewith that TERRALYT PLUS®, a product to improve the quality of the soil, consists of slighly diluted sugar solution (Invert sugar) consisting of a proportion of electrolyte (NaOH) which has almost been neutalised with acetic acid.

Components of the solution (Concentrate)Percentage contents
Degree of humidity in water 38,8 %
Content of acid of sulphuric acid none
Corrective or stabilizing agents none
Organic Ingredients 26,25 %
Inert elements none
Nutrients 25 %
Heavy metals none
Content of Natrium 20,1 %

TERRALYT PLUS® does not contain any additional colouring substances, carrying or filling material. It is herewith confirmed that TERRAYL PLUS® is free of diseases.

Gesellschaft für Gnotobiotechnik
und Bioforschung mbH
Marion Ewald-Graß



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