History of Foundation

of the company
GGB Gesellschaft für Gnotobiotechnik und Bioforschung GmbH

The reason for starting the research was the forest decline. There were experiments made earlier to get good harvests without fertilizer but the forest decline was the latest impulse to research more serious and specifically.

Mr. Kurt Bertram a non-medical practitioner and alround-scientist (study of Biology, Pathology, Botany, Geology, Psychology, Anatomy, Psychiatry, Physiology, Clinical Diagnostic, Music etc) was engaged since years with soil fauna and soil flora and made examination about how to stimulate. Beside many other factors his opinion was that not only acid rain but also atomic bomb tests share the responsibility.

No sort of literature existed and his considerations and his knowledge about the connections and about the energy budget of the earth were decisive for the composition of the product.

Already his first attempts with the Electrolyt in 1956 showed clear visible results. In long rows of field tests the product was improved and could be stabilized so that reproducable results could be achieved.

Beside the forest decline also the groundwater was target of the research. Because of the high consumption of fertilizer in the agriculture the soil and the groundwater through washout got more worse. What is good for the forest ground should also bring improvement in agriculture.

At this stage of the development Mr. Bertram met at Biotechnica in Hannover the engineer Franz-Josef Ewald the owner of a company of science apparatus and publisher of standard work “Laborgeräte abc”. He is also an expert in the field of Gnotobiology – the theory of sterile live. As these two men had the same interests they founded the company GGB as more capital was needed due to the many experiments made in all the world.

Experiments of agricultural products in Germany showed good - up to very good results (see available experiments) especially in (ariden ?) soil. Amazing were the results in Southern Countries. Due to more sunlight the effect of an electrolytical product brought higher yield.

Fast a name for this product was found: Terralyt Plus (Terra for earth and lyth for Electrolyd) and was grant a patent for company GGB in Germany and afterwards in many other countries of the world. The name is legal protected.

In the meantime many hundreds of tests were documented and are available on request.


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