has been developed as an agent against forest deaths
is a patented, liquid electrolyte made in Germany
is no fertilizer and no pesticide
can be used for all cultures like cereals, oilseeds, vegetables, fruits, sugar- and feed plants, spices, common and tropical trees and all flowers
on all kind of soil
promotes the transport of electrons and re-activates the soil
a higher number of electrons help to improve the photosynthesis
gives the soil a crumby structure and thereby improves the ventilation of the soil
an improved ventilation accelerates the growth of micro-organisms in the soil so that the plants will be suplied with more nutrients
Improved photosynthesis due to sufficient electrons, nutriens, moisture and improved soil structure will lead to:
faster and heavier growth of all plants
earlier development of buds and more blossoms
increased crop yields by up to 35 % as well as visibly and measurably improved quality of the fruits
higher concentration of sugar in the plants
greater resitance against diseases, sucking and biting insects an adverse weather conditions
accelerated regeneration of plants after being damaged, e.g. in a storm
Because of these advantages the costs of TERRALYT PLUS® will be compensated and the user will yield a lager profit.

especially suitable for the use on exhausted, over-fertilized, sandy, loamy or contaminated soils or on plantations destroyed by fire
very efficient and can be diluted with water 1:1000, 1 kg TERRALYT PLUS® is sufficient for 25.000 m²
not harmful for plants if applied over the dose
not harmful for insects or micro-organisms
applicable outdoors and in greenhouses
TERRALYT PLUS® is on the market for 19 years and has been applied succesfully all over the world, e.g. in Germany, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Great Britain, Turkey, Mexico, New Zealand, Netherlands, Denmark and Australia.

Agriculture: Plastic bottles of 1 kg net weight in cardboard boxes, 6 bottles per box
„Houses-garden“: 250 ml of a pre-diluted mixture for 500 m²

Every other size is available!



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