Important: Principally TERRALYT PLUS® has to be mixed very thoroughly in a ratio 1:1000. This mixture is sufficient for 25.000 m² and should be applied in such a way that 40 ml will be sprayed on one square meter. More is in no case harmfull.

1. Agriculture:
All kinds of field fruits (cereals, potatoes, beans, peas, carrots, water melons, cassava (Tapioka), chili, sugar cane, sugar beets etc.) TERRALYT PLUS® solution has to be sprayed after seeding as mentioned above (40 ml/m²)

2. In cities and counties:
Avenue-trees, woods new plantations, forest areas, against forest deaths, on lawns, etc.

a) On avenue-trees a surface treatment will be done on an area corresponding to the size of the tree crown by constant spraying ( 40 to 80 ml/m²).

b) On trees wich are already ill there should be worked with so-called lances and to apply approx. 100 l TERRALYT PLUS® solution on the roots. additionally the surface treatment as described above should be made (40 to 80 ml/m²).

c) When planting new woods the planting hole should be soaked with approx. 10 l. Additionally the surface treatment should be done as above mentioned (40 to 80 ml/m²). After 3-4 months an additional treatment should follow ( 40 to 80 ml/m²).

d) Lawns are treated with TERRALYT PLUS® solution in spring and autumn (also with 40 ml/m²).

3. Tree nursery: Application as mentioned under 1. and 2.

4. Green Houses:
For all kinds of plants (tomatoes, flowers etc.) the TERRALYT PLUS® solution can be used (40 ml/m²).

5. Gardens:
all kinds of fruit trees, bushes, flowers, berries etc. Applikation as mentioned under 1. and 2. When setting new plants please proceed as mentioned under 2c), but quantity corresponding to the size of the plant (over dosage is not harmful!).

6. Flowers in houses and apartments:
Here each flowerpot has to be watered every 14 days (10 - 20 ml depending on size). The time of blossom will be expended and the plant looks fresher. Also when th plants will be stored in winter in the cellar thay should get aplace at the window and to be sprayed once with TERRALYT PLUS® (10 - 20 ml).

7. Decontamination:
Test done up to now that a contaminated soil can be decontaminated with TERRALYT PLUS®. But there has to be done an analysis of the soil in order to check how often a treatment with TERRALYT PLUS® is necessary. Also here the ratio 1:1000 an 40 ml/m² are valid.

TERRALYT PLUS® is made in Germany by GGB,







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