TERRALYT PLUS® is an electrolyte for the vegetative growth but no fertilizer and harmless.

TERRALYT PLUS® will enhance better growth and earlier harvest.

TERRALYT PLUS® helps to start photosynthesis, accelerating transport of electrons and regulates its aktivity.

TERRALYT PLUS® effects shoot height, forming more uniform compacts plats with measureable heigher yields.

TERRALYT PLUS® supports the concentration of sugar in plant i.e. protects also an anti-freeze.

TERRALYT PLUS® leads to an earlier development of flower buds and higher number of blossoms.

TERRALYT PLUS® changes the crumble structure of soil positively by increasing number of microorganismen.

TERRALYT PLUS® neutralizes acid in all types of soil, especielly in arid sand soil.

TERRALYT PLUS® improves bio ammonia synthesis for microbes and fine roots, this improving reception of nutrients and soild biotope too.

TERRALYT PLUS® forms the vital auxines maintaining a positive gas constant in root areas.

TERRALYT PLUS® has an exellent relation of cost and benefit, mixing-ratio 1:1000 (homogenously mixid 1 kg with 1000 litres water on 2,5 ha. or 400 g with 400 litres water on 1 ha)

TERRALYT PLUS® is extraordinary suitable for reinstatement of exhaused, over fertilized and also contaminated agricultural as well as fire-destroyed areas, by electrolytical effects.

TERRALYT PLUS® is applicable in open air and botany greenhouses without harm

TERRALYT PLUS® is an unlimited shelf-life

TERRALYT PLUS® gives back the soil his natural regeneration capacity.

TERRALYT PLUS® influences the whole vegetation positively.

TERRALYT PLUS® leads an enormous growth due to its very high efficienty.

TERRALYT PLUS® increases crop yields with improved quality, especially in difficult soils.

TERRALYT PLUS® reduces toxines in soils, lakes and rivers.

TERRALYT PLUS® protects due to its compatibility and improves the environment.

TERRALYT PLUS® is in diluted 1:1000 not harmful for insects and micro-organismen.

TERRALYT PLUS® is on the market for more than 20 years and has been succesfully applied worldwide.

Packing: Plastic bottles of 400 g and 1 kg net weight in cardboard boxes








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