Tests with TERRALYT PLUS® on bananas
Application of TERRALYT PLUS® in banana plantation

TERRALYT PLUS® was applied in a banana plantation in the state of Tabasco, a big productions area of this fruit. The cultivation showed problems in the assimilation of the nutrients as, because of the application of a toxic herbicide, the trees got yellowish, lost leaves and showed a general weakness, all this delaying the time they had to be cut.

The application was made 1:1000 (1kg TERRALYT PLUS® : 1000 Litres of water) as recommended by the producer, in an area as approximately covered the treetop, with manual fumigation equipment. The fertilising was made by a product called TRIPLE 17, which contains the basis elements, Nitrogen, Potassium and Calcium, and furthermore the other microelements, in a quantity of 60-70 grams per tree, in a solution.

The temperature conditions were approximately 29-32° C with regular precipitation every 3 to 4 days. The chosen area produces 40% of the national consumption and furthermore big quantities for export. Therefore the producers have a lot of experience in the treatment of weeds and keeping the cleanness of the terrain.

The results 25 days after the application show that TERRALYT PLUS® – as we have observed in different cultivation – works in a better way with small quantities of water. The reaction in presence of bigger quantities of water gives a lower acceleration of the growth. To explain this we have the following theory: The electrolytes set free by TERRALYT PLUS® activate the field of tension in the soil, form, in presence of water, the exchange of charges and these have a negative effect in case of excess of water. This as the range of action expands and the soil is saturated with the liquid. This makes the product ineffective and furthermore exhausts the water table by the filtrate. These first results show a difference in more intensive colour and brilliance between the new and the old leaves, and furthermore the change of condition of the trunk, which is more robust and green. The surrounding weeds also showed a notable growth, but by eliminating them, the producers avoid that the weeds compete with the plants for the nutrients.

The plants presented a higher number of bananas, some of them of a bigger size than those from untreated trees, and even if cut green they are bigger than bananas of higher age.

The ripe bananas do not lose their condition, even after being cut they do not lose their characteristic taste. The ripening period they could have in the warehouse still has to be determined in order to confirm the qualitative advantages in comparison to those bananas, which were chemically treated.

As a conclusion we can say that TERRALYT PLUS® improves the production by approximately 25% per tree, extends the period of life of the fruit after the cutting, increases the fruits pulp and sugars and further also improves its condition.

Translation of the report of MOLECULAS QUIMICAS DE MEXICO, S. A. DE C. V.:





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